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Firefox Daily build 6.0 Ubuntu

Want to try out the latest Firefox daily builds (the version is actually called "Nightly") from a PPA without affecting your current stable Firefox installation (or Firefox beta)?

The Mozilla Daily PPA now provides "Firefox Nightly" that doesn't mess with your current Firefox installation: the builds have been renamed to "firefox-trunk" so you can install Firefox Nightly side-by-side with any older Firefox version.

In my test, Firefox-trunk started with a new profile so my stable Firefox profile wasn't affected. However, after starting both Firefox stable and Firefox-trunk in the same time a few times, somehow Firefox-trunk started using my stable Firefox 4 profile so I recommend you don't use two different Firefox instances in the same time.

At the time I'm writing this post, adding the Mozilla Daily PPA will install Firefox 6.0, however Firefox 7 was recently uploaded to the PPA so an update should be available in a few hours (if it builds successfully).

In the same PPA you'll also find "thunderbird-trunk", currently version 3.4 (also daily build), however I didn't test Thunderbird.

Install Firefox Nightly in Ubuntu via PPA

Since this is a daily builds PPA, it's nowhere near stable so use it at your own risk! For instance, trying to open webupd8.org using the latest daily builds, Firefox will crash (update: the issue causing crash was fixed).

Add the Mozilla Daily PPA (available for Ubuntu 11.04, 10.10 and 10.04) and install Firefox Nightly using the commands below:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-mozilla-daily/ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install firefox-trunk

Once installed, you should find a new shortcut in your menu / Dash called "Nightly Web Browser" (not Firefox!).