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Gnome Shell Workspace Indicator

Here is yet another new GNOME Shell extension which I'm sure you'll find very useful: Workspace Indicator. The extension works in the same way as Indicator-Workspaces for Gnome 2: it displays your your current workspace number on the panel and lets you switch to a different workspace.

The extension has another "hidden" but interesting feature: it changes the workspace on scroll over the Workspace Indicator.

To install it, firstly install git-core. In Ubuntu, run this:

sudo apt-get install git-core
Then, to install Workspace Indicator GNOME Shell extension, run the following commands:

cd && git clone https://github.com/erick2red/shell-extensions.git
cd shell-extensions
mkdir -p ~/.local/share/gnome-shell/extensions #just in case
mv workspace-indicator@erick.red.gmail.com/ ~/.local/share/gnome-shell/extensions/

Update: Erick (the Workspace switcher Shell extension developer) has changed how the extension works so now you must compile it to be able to install it. To make things easier, I've archived a working Workspace Indicator so you can download it from HERE - to install it, extract it to ~/.local/share/gnome-shell/extensions/ (make sure the Workspace Indicator GNOME Shell extension folder is called "workspace-indicator@erick.red.gmail.com").

Then reload Gnome Shell.

Note: I've only tested the extension using the latest GNOME Shell from GIT and GNOME Shell 3.0.1 under Fedora 15.