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The desktop-dx-o-compiz UDS session ended about 1 hour ago. Even though the discussion about this was very short, the session note has a link for a new "modal dialogs" (GNOME Shell already has this by the way) which you can see in the screenshot below:

Compiz modal dialogs

This is a window attached to a parent window. There are some issues with the modal dialogs: the parent window turns gray which looks just more or less like a window that stops responding so that's a bit confusing. One suggestion was to make freezing windows turn red but we'll see how this issue is addressed later on.

There was also a suggestion for a new configuration tool for Unity which would include all the options that are currently found in CCSM.

Another interesting discussion was about the Compiz plugins: a lot of the useless plugins will probably be "killed" unless the community maintains them because it's too hard to maintain so many plugins. Example of such a plugin is "Paint fire on screen". And that's really understandable: I'd rather have bug-free useful plugins then a lot of buggy plugins that don't help me in any way.

Other interesting things that were discussed:
  • merge unity-window-decorator and gtk-window-decorator
  • a new Compiz website
  • and an interesting fact: currently, switching between a Unity session and a classic session (with Compiz) takes a long time because all the Compiz settings are re-written

You can check out the session log, here.

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