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Atolm Gnome Shell gtk3

We already had a great GNOME Shell theme based on Atolm and yesterday, TheDeviantMars released an Atolm GTK3 (GNOME 3) theme, making the Atolm experience complete.

To install the theme, extract it and copy the Atolm-gtk3 folder to /usr/share/themes/, then use GNOME Tweak Tool to change the GTK theme.

Atolm GTK3 theme

If you also want to use the Atolm Mutter theme (for GNOME Shell), press ALT + F2, enter "gconf-editor", then navigate to desktop > shell > windows and change the "theme" value to "Atolm-gtk3". Please note that it's no longer required to copy the theme to ~/.themes/ too for the Mutter theme to work (tested on Fedora 15 with all the packages up to date).

After changing the Mutter theme, remember to reload Gnome Shell (ALT + F2 and enter "r") or log out.

To change the Metacity theme (for those who use the classic GNOME 3 desktop), follow the same steps but change the value of apps > metacity > general > theme gconf key. A lot more about installing GNOME 3 themes can be found here: Install GNOME 3 (GNOME Shell Or Classic) GTK / Mutter / Metacity Themes.

You can of course use a different Mutter/Metacity theme with the Atolm GTK3 theme if you want. Here's a screenshot in which I'm using Atolm GTK3 with DrakFire Caffe Mutter theme:

Atolm Gnome3 theme

Download Atolm GTK3 theme.

Thanks to Mr. Mars for the tip!