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Zeitgeist is finally getting a long awaited feature: deleting part of the Zeitgeist history (last hour, day or week and so on), blacklisting an application, a file type or a folder. That means you'll be able to blacklist your "highly confidential" (read: porn) files from ever showing up in any application that uses Zeitgeist (Unity, Synapse and so on).

All this will be possible thanks to a new application called "Zeitgeist Global Privacy" which is currently in development - here are some screenshots:

Zeitgeist Global Privacy

Zeitgeist Global Privacy

Zeitgeist Global Privacy screenshot

There's no info on when Zeitgeist Global Privacy will be released but we'll let you know when more info will be available. Stay tuned! 

I'm really hoping for at least an experimental version to be released by the time Ubuntu 11.04 is out, or else a lot of users will freak out when some files they don't want other people to see will show up in Dash.

Info and screenshots thanks to cando!