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Gedit Collaboration is a really interesting plugin that provides collaborative editing meaning two or more people can work on the same files, create new files and folders and so on. The plugin allows you to collaborate both with other Gedit and Gobby users.

Check out this video created by jessevdk (the Gedit Collaboration plugin developer):

Firstly I'll tell you how to install Gedit Collaboration in Ubuntu and how to set up an Infinoted server and then we'll talk some more about the Gedit Collaboration plugin - how it works, etc.

Install Gedit Collaboration Plugin

Install the Gedit Collaboration Plugin in Ubuntu 10.04, 10.10 or 11.04:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:pspsampsp/gedit-plugin-collaboration
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install gedit-collaboration

Setting up the Infinoted server

If you want to test the Gedit Collaboration plugin without setting up a server, use "gobby.0x539.de:6523" as the server.

For info regarding Infinoted, see: http://gobby.0x539.de/trac/wiki/Infinote/Infinoted

1. To be able to actually collaborate, you'll need a server. Gedit Collaboration plugin requires Infinoted 0.4 so let's install it:
sudo apt-get install infinoted-0.4

2. To configure Infinoted, run
gedit ~/.config/infinoted.conf
and paste the following:

certificate-file=/path/where/to/save/infinoted.cert #I've used /home/andrei/.config/infinoted.cert
key-file=/path/where/to/save/infinoted.key #I've used /home/andrei/.config/infinoted.key

Edit the file above - everything is self explanatory. When done, save it.

3. Now you need to create the keys and start the server:
infinoted --create-certificate --create-key

4. The above command runs the server so you don't have to run anything else but the next time you want to start the server, you can simply run:

You can also specify a port using "infinoted --port-number=PORT". For more info, run "infinoted --help".

While Infinoted 0.4 seems to come with an option to run it as a daemon, it failed to work for me. But you can set up an Upstrart script like the one HERE for this.

  • I've tested this on Ubuntu 10.10 and 11.04 only!
  • Also, I couldn't test it over the internet (I've tested it between my desktop and netbook)

Using the Gedit Collaboration plugin

Once everything is set up, open Gedit, head over to Edit > Preferences and enable "Collaboration" on the Plugins tab. Here you can click "Configure" to edit your username and the color that will be used when you write some code. Then, select View > Side Pane and click the "Collaboration" icon at the bottom:

Gedit collaboration plugin

If you're in the same network as the Infinoted server, the server should show up in the bookmarks list. If not, you can click on the "Create new bookmark" icon, then enter a name for your bookmark, a hostname (by the way, it didn't work using an IP for me, only an actual hostname), port and an username which will then show up in the collaboration plugin user list (but like I've said above, I've only tested it running the server on the same network as both clients):

Gedit collaboration plugin

Now connect to the server (double click your bookmark) and if there are other people connected to your server, they should show up in the list on the left. Right clicking the bookmark (server), you'll be able to create a new file or folder - everybody that connects to it can do this:


What you type will shows up in real time to everyone connected to the server and it will be highlighted using the color you've selected in the Gedit Collaboration plugin options (see above) so it's a good idea for everyone connected to the Infinoted server to use a different color.

Well, that should be enough to get you started. It's really not that hard and if you code or do other related stuff and work in a team, you'll love the Gedit Collaboration plugin!

Many thanks to John for the tip!