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GNOME 3 has finally been released a few minutes ago. You can check out all the new features (videos and screenshots) @ gnome3.org - but unfortunately the website is down at the time I'm writing this post. The videos are also available on the GNOME Desktop YouTube channel.

Due to a GNOME Shell bug (which doesn't seem to like my graphics card), I couldn't record a proper video so I've joined all the videos provided on the gnome3.org website into a single video with all the major new features in GNOME 3:

All the credits for the video go to Gnome Desktop YouTube channel.

If you want to try Gnome 3, you can download an openSUSE or Fedora ISO @ Gnome3.org - but again, the website is down for now. To write the ISO to an USB stick, use USB Image Writer and the exact instructions provided on the Gnome3 website - in my test using the Startup Disk Creator in Ubuntu or Unetbootin fails.

There's also a new Developer website: developer.gnome.org, but this one is down too for now.