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Faenza Icon Theme

Faenza Icon Theme 0.9.2 has been released with new icons for LibreOffice, UbuntuOne - which now matches the new logo, a new workspace switcher icon and more.

With these, Faenza is almost ready for Unity (some icons are still missing though, like the Applications / Files & Folder Unity Places):

Faenza Ubuntu 11.04 Unity

Faenza 0.9.2 changelog:
  • New logos: Gentoo, Slackware
  • New actions: folder-move, folder-copy
  • New apps: libreoffice, workspace-switcher, wine notepad, winetricks, stellarium, mypaint
  • w mimetypes: application-pgp-keys, encrypted
  • New status icons: gsm 3G network, wireless secure network, bluetooth paired, weather icons in 24x24
  • Color or opacity changes for some status icons
  • A new design for Ubuntu One
  • A few new 16x16 applications icons

Install Faenza Icon theme in Ubuntu using the commands below:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:tiheum/equinox
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install faenza-icon-theme

Note: the versions in the PPA are a bit weird: the latest Faenza 0.9.2 has version "0.9-ubuntu3" but that's the latest version nevertheless.

If you don't use Ubuntu, get the latest Faenza Icon Theme 0.9.2 via Gnome Look.