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Unity (and Ubuntu 11.04 in general) got a lot of minor new features lately. Nothing big, but there are a lot of them. Here is a video with some of these changes in the latest Unity 3.6.8 (as of today):

In the above Unity video you'll notice:
  • new icons for Unity Places Files / Applications, workspace switcher as well as the top left Ubuntu logo
  • double clicking top panel restores maximized window
  • new scrollbars in Dash
  • Ubuntu Software Center now asks if you want to add a shortcut for the newly installed application to the launcher
  • Unity grab handles (for touch devices tough I've used it on a regular netbook)
  • drag icon trash - removes it

The video also includes the new experimental overlay scrollbars (here's how to set them default in Ubuntu 11.04) which are not yet default in Ubuntu 11.04.

There are a lot more minor changes to Unity then the ones I've included in the above video. Check them out here.

Overall, Ubuntu 11.04 is feeling a lot more stable lately, however there are a lot of incomplete (or completely missing) features. I've already upgraded to Natty on my netbook but I'm still thinking if I should do it already on my main computer. How about you, have you upgraded to Natty already?

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