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With a slight delay (of almost one day), Unity was updated to version 3.6.0 in Ubuntu 11.04. This update doesn't bring major changes but it fixes a lot of bugs making Unity a lot more stable. You can check out the full Unity 3.6.0 changelog, HERE.

There is however one cool new feature in the latest Unity 3.6.0: you can now maximize Dash (notice the expander in the lower right corner):

Unity Ubuntu 11.04 screenshot

For a small screen however (such as a netbook), Dash is full screen and it seems its size cannot be changed (at least for now):

Unity Ubuntu 11.04 screenshot - netbook
(image from my netbook - Dash is always fullscreen)

Also, you can now filter applications by categories (and files by type):

Unity Ubuntu 11.04 Dash screenshot

As usual, here's a video with the latest Unity changes:

(for more videos, check out our YouTube channel)

Oh, and one more thing! This is a change I've read about on Ubuntu Secrets that's unrelated to the latest Unity but related to Ubuntu 11.04: Ubuntu gets more user-friendly by the day and it now lets the user know he needs additional software when trying to extract an unsupported archive type (such as RAR):

Ubuntu 11.04 install RAR archive
(image credits for the last screenshot: Ubuntu Secrets)

In case you've missed it, there was another interesting update today that brings upgrade support to the Ubuntu 11.04 Live CD installer.