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Touchegg GUI

Touchégg is a multi-touch gesture recognizer for Linux (released under GPL) that allows you to associate actions to multi-touch gestures. It can be used to assign gestures to actions like maximize or minimize windows, resize windows, show the desktop, emulate all mouse functions and more.

Touchégg v0.2 was released recently, bringing a GUI to configure the gestures. The new version also comes with more gestures like Tap with 5 fingers and tap & hold with 2, 3, 4 and 5 fingers and more actions: MOUSE_MOVE, LEFT_BUTTON_CLICK, MOVE_WINDOW, RUN_COMMAND, DRAG_AND_DROP, SEND_KEYS.

Among the bugs fixed in the latest Touchegg v0.2 are: fixed shutdown problems, fixed desktop actions with Compiz and more.

Check out this video with the latest Touchégg v0.2 (video credits: José Expósito):

Download Touchegg 0.2 (available for both 32bit and 64 bit as .deb) | Note: I cannot test Touchegg as I don't have a device that supports it so I cannot help you if something doesn't work. Hopefully Jose will answer all your questions.

Thanks to José Expósito for the tip!