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A New Start

A New Start is a beautiful theme pack that was updated a few days ago. This is not just a GTK / Metacity theme - it comes with many customizations: Conky configuration, a coverGloobus theme, fonts, an AWN theme, Gnome panel and AWN backgrounds and even a Firefox Startpage.

A New Start 1.2 brings updated GTK and AWN themes, updated Conky files, a coverGloobus theme as well as an installation script for easy installation. By default, Conky starts with a minimalistic interface but clicking on various items in Conky will bring up a new pane with various extra info.

To install A New Start, download the package and check out the PDF file inside the downloaded archive - setting everything up is not as easy as installing a GTK theme and you'll need to tweak a few things manually.

Running the script ("./configure.sh install") will prompt you to enter your location code for the Conky script and will then set up Conky (including adding it to startup) and install the GTK theme. Anyway, all the info is available in the PDF I was telling you about so make sure you read it if you want to get a complete "A New Start" desktop.

Here's another screenshot of my desktop:

A New Hope theme

I know, it really doesn't look like the initial screenshot. That's because I didn't apply all the customizations (no Awoken icons, AWN theme, etc.). Also, I couldn't get the weather to work in Conky.

In case you're wondering: I can't upload A New Start to the new WebUpd8 themes PPA because of the many elements the package comes with; further more, the installation script requires user input so it cannot be packaged in its current state.

Download A New Start

[via Ubuntips; first image credits: alecive @ DeviantArt]