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Minty Freshness theme screenshot

Minty Freshness is a new theme created by Skies Of Azel, the Orta theme developer, especially designed for Linux Mint Debian Edition (the theme could become the default LMDE theme).

A new Minty Freshness (an amazing theme similar to Orta but which uses Murrine) version was uploaded to its GIT page today bringing Nautilus Elementary support and invisible panel handles when the panel isn't expanded (that's how I use it - see the screenshot below -, so I'm pretty excited about this) as well as many other improvements:

Minty Freshness

Complete changelog:
  • Gdm improvements
  • Panel handles are now invisible when the panel isn't expanded
  • GtkPathBar now shares the nautilus style for breadcrumbs
  • New treeview highlight
  • New iconview highlight
  • New expanders
  • New check and radio box buttons
  • Some notebook fixes for non gtk applications
  • Gimp improvements
  • Inkscape improvements
  • Nautilus Elementary support
  • Banshee Wikipedia and LastFm toggle buttons are now properly skinned
  • Mintinstall pathbar now follows the window gradient

Install Minty Freshness in Ubuntu / Debian / Linux Mint

I've used Skies Of Azel's debianization to create a .deb for the latest Minty Freshness so it's now very easy to install it in Ubuntu / Debian / Linux Mint.

1. To be able to install the Minty Freshness deb, you'll firstly have to install Mint X Icons (this is a required dependency for the deb) - download Mint X Icons it from HERE.

2. Then you can download and install Minty Freshness.deb

If you're not using a Debian-based Linux distro, you can install Minty Freshness following the steps in our initial Minty Freshness post.

Update: Minty Freshness is now available in the WebUpd8 themes PPA.

Thanks to Skies Of Azel for the tip!