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Fitts Metacity theme

Fitts is a new Metacity theme created by albyrock87 (Alberto) who's also behind the cool new Avant Window Navigator Lucido style and also a Synapse developer. The theme is based on a mockup by rAX and is designed to use big buttons so they are easy to click.

The theme reminds me of Gnome 3's new theme called "Adwaita", except well, Adwaita lost its minimize and maximize buttons a few days ago.

Fitts comes with 3 variations as you can see in the screenshot below (and supports any color - set the color by going to the Appearence dialog, on the "Themes" tab, then click on "Customize" - obviously after you have applied the Fitts Metacity theme):

To install the themes, simply drag and drop the downloaded .tar.gz files to the Appearance dialog box ("Themes" tab).

Download Fitts