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Will you upgrade to Ubuntu 11.04 soon and want to know if your favourite PPAs will be updated for Natty? David Callé has set up a script (comes with a GUI thanks to Zenity) that automatically checks all your current PPA repositories and lets you know the supported Ubuntu versions for each. Here's a screenshot with this Zenity script in action:

Ubuntu repositories check

Using this script is as easy as it gets: just run it and it will scan all your PPA repositories and displays a "yes" or "no" for each Ubuntu version next to each PPA. Yes obviously means that PPA supports that Ubuntu version. The "status" column on the left shows if the PPA still exists or not (if the PPA page can be accessed).

You can get it via BZR (bzr get lp:~davidc3/+junk/repostory) or use the following command if you don't want to install BZR:

cd && mkdir checklp && cd checklp
wget http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~davidc3/+junk/repostory/download/head:/repostory-20110119093413-fsj5x2kgbf3y5mxq-2/repostory

Then install the dependencies and run it:
sudo apt-get install zenity curl
cd && cd checklp
chmod +x repostory

And speaking of PPAs, check out our tool to search for packages, list packages in your PPAs, add/remove/purge PPAs and more: Y PPA Manager.