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Faenza Icon Theme

The beautiful Faenza Icon Theme was updated to version 0.9 today, bringing a new "darkest" theme with status and action icons in light grey.

Here's the complete Faenza Icon Theme 0.9 changelog:
  • A new "darkest" theme with status and actions icons both in light grey
  • A wide bunch of old and new devices and actions in all sizes
  • New applications: debian software center, deja-dup, dc++, dvdrip, GCStar, guake, haguichi, Me TV, meld, file manager, nautilus actions configuration tool, tvtime, xine, zim
  • New status icons for Cover Gloobus, Me TV, zim, guake, keepassx
  • Highlight borders have been modified for all squared icons in 22x22 and 24x24
  • All monochromes icons have been reworked for smoother contrast
  • A new design for most of actions in 32x32 and above
  • Some reworked icons for applications
  • Subtle change in folders colour
  • New Chrome icon
  • Some fixes

The new "Darkest" Faenza is basically the same as the unofficial Faenza Dark Icons (Edited), at least at a first glance:

Faenza Icon Theme

Install Faenza Icon Theme 0.9 in Ubuntu

Add the Faenza PPA and install the latest Faenza Icon Theme 0.9 in Ubuntu 9.10, 10.04 and 10.10 using the following commands:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:tiheum/equinox
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install faenza-icon-theme

You can also download Faenza Icon Theme via DeviantArt.