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Clementine 0.7

Clementine - a Qt music player with some very interesting features - has reached version 0.7, getting some cool new features like a new edit track info dialog which allows you to edit more fields, change multiple songs at once, change cover art and even an option to identify songs and fill tags using MusicBrainz, support for .cue files and more.

Clementine tag editor
(The new Clementine "Track Info Dialog")

Other new features include:
  • album covers in the library view
  • "Duplicates only" and "Untagged songs only" views
  • a "Full library rescan" option which should rescan your library much more thoroughly than before
  • "Show in file browser" option
  • support for network proxies
  • global shortcuts for rating songs, repeat and shuffle modes

And many many other minor improvements that will make your life easier (like Middle-clicking a song now enqueues it into the playlist, you can now tell the library scanner which filenames it should prefer when looking for album cover art).

Install Clementine 0.7 in Ubuntu

The Clementine stable PPA hasn't been updated yet but if you're using the Clementine-dev PPA you should already have the latest 0.7 (but using the Clementine-dev PPA is probably not a good idea unless you like testing bleeding-edge software).

Until the Clementine stable PPA is updated, you can download Clementine 0.7 from Google Code.