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Jacky Alcine, development coordinator of the SpeechControl project works on a project called Wintermute, an "attempt to implement the world's first personal edition of an intelligent framework of applications and libraries, and in the future, an intelligent operating system":

Wintermute bolsters the capabilities of using neural networking to learn about its host, a pseudo-langauge engine that permits translations and grammar rulesets of any language to be incorporated into the system, and database downloads of different sets of data to permit the combination of the world's first personal virtual self-thinking assistant.

It can be used to perform simple tasks like dictation to a favorite word editor to more complex tasks, like sorting documents depending on the time of day, or automation of other routinely tasks that one would need. Wintermute will also bolster an extensive plugin system that'd permit its already infinite features to be extended even more.

I'm writing this because Jacky Alcine and Wintermute need your help - if you're a developer, designer, teacher or well... anything really and want to help, you can join the Launchpad group @ https://www.launchpad.net/~uait or email Jacky Alcine (jackyalcine@gmail.com) or Dante Ashton (danteashton@gmail.com).

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