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Cover Art Downloader (aka "Coverlovin") is a nifty Python script I've been looking for a long time - it traverses a directory containing mp3 files and downloads cover art based on id3 tags of the files in each directory. The images are downloaded from Google Images.

How to use Cover Art Downloader (Coverlovin)

To use Coverlovin, simply point it to a folder - it scans all the mp3 files in each subfolder and downloads the cover art automatically, without any user input. That means that you music should be organized by albums (that way, each image is downloaded into the corresponding album folder). Here's exactly how to do it:

Download the script(s) from Launchpad, and extract it somewhere, let's say in the "coverlovin_1.0" folder in your home directory.

Then, install python-simplejson:
sudo apt-get install python-simplejson

Now, to download the cover art for all the mp3 files in a folder (and subfolders), use the following commands (firstly "cd" into the Coverlovin folder):
cd ~/coverlovin_1.0.2
./coverlovin.py "/path/to/mp3s/folder"

Where /path/to/mp3s/folder is ... you got the idea. I've used quotes for the above commands in case you have spaces for the path to the mp3s folder.

Coverlovin comes with a few options too: you can specify the image size ("--size=SIZE", where the size can be: small, medium or large), image format ("--image=IMAGE", where IMAGE can be jpg, png or gif), image name ("--name=NAME") and more - you can see all the available options by running coverlovin.py without any options ("./coverlovin.py").