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About a month ago, custom domain Blogger blogs have been blocked in Turkey by mandate of the Turkish Government and since WebUpd8 is hosted on Blogger, it couldn't be accessed from Turkey.

But last night, with the help of WebUpd8 reader AloneWalker who pointed that only custom domain Blogger IPs are blocked, a blog post from a Turkish blog and TOR with Turkey exit nodes (for testing), I was able to get WebUpd8 working in Turkey again.

Since there are other custom domain Blogger blogs out there, I though I'd share how to get such a blog working in Turkey. Basically you must replace "ghs.google.com" with "" (a custom domain Blogger IP that wasn't banned) in your domain DSN manager. There is a problem with some domain registrars that do not allow you use an IP for CNAME (such as Godaddy) - but there's a way around that too: add a new "A (host)" called "redirect" with the "" IP and a CNAME for "www" to "redirect.yourdomain.com" (and delete the old "www" CNAME that pointed to "ghs.google.com"):

DNS custom domain blogger Turkey fix

Hopefully this will help some custom domain Blogger blog owners (until this IP will get banned too...).

The above solution is temporarily so if you know a better way of doing this, please do let us know in the comments!