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Unity received yet another update today, the most important change being a new "places tile view" - until now, clicking the Ubuntu logo in the top left corner would open Nautilus but this has now been replaced by a tile view:

Unity places tile view screenshot

The Places Tile View is not yet fully functional: clicking the top items it opens Nautilus. Further more, the design looks unpolished with no effects and a rough design but this will surely change.

Another change that was included in this update is something many have been asking for a long time now: the appindicators padding has been trimmed to 3 pixels:

appindicator ppadding

And finally, UbuntuOne got an update yesterday, binging a new dashboard:

Ubuntuone dashboard

But just like the new Places Tile View, there's still a lot of work to be done to the UbuntuOne dashboard as you can see in the above screenshot.