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RadioTray 0.6.3

RadioTray is a minimalistic radio player stat runs in the notification area (system tray).

Finally a new version of RadioTray was released which adds support for Ubuntu appindicator, a new command line parameter "--resume" to play the last radio station before RadioTray was shutdown and a new sleep timer so you can go to sleep while listening using RadioTray. These features were actually included in the 0.6.2 version which was released yesterday but a bug prevented it from running so version 0.6.3 was released to fix that.

Install RadioTray 0.6.3 in Ubuntu

1. Download RadioTray Ubuntu .deb from Sourceforge and install it normally. If you encounter any issues, read on. If not, enjoy RadioTray!

Possible issues:

a) If you use the Faenza Icon theme installed from a PPA, the RadioTray installation will return an error and it will fail to install. Fix it using the following command:
sudo dpkg -i --force-all /var/cache/apt/archives/radiotray_0.6.3_all.deb #or replace with the path to where you've downloaded radiotray

b) If you've installed 0.6.2 and it failed to start for you, to be able to use 0.6.3 you'll have to run the following command (warning: it will remove all the configuration files):
rm -r ~/.local/share/radiotray

Enable AppIndicator

By default, Radiotray still uses the notification area in Ubuntu - that's because using the appindicator, there’s no tooltips and no mouse-scroll to control volume. But if you want to enable the appindicator for RadioTray, firstly run RadioTray (you need to to this so that the configuration file is created), then close it (if you're in Unity and can't close it properly, just run "killall radiotray" in a terminal), then run the following command in a terminal:
gedit ~/.local/share/radiotray/config.xml

And change the value for "option name="enable_application_indicator_support"" from "false" to "true".