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Speed Dreams 2.0

Speed Dreams is an open source, multi platform (works on Windows and Linux) motorsport simulator. It's a TORCS fork that adds new features, cars, tracks and AI opponents and so on.

A new Speed Dreams version is on the way - 2.0 (currently Alpha 2) which will get new and improved tracks and cars, better physics and performance, dynamic weather, multiplayer support and much more. The new version should be released in April, 2011.

Speed Dreams 2.0 screenshots and video

Speed Dreams 2.0

Speed Dreams 2.0 screenshots

Speed Dreams 2.0 screenshots

Speed Dreams 2.0 screenshots

Speed Dreams 2.0 video (dates back to October, but it should be enough to get an idea on Speed Dreams):

Install Speed Dreams 2.0 Alpha 2 in Ubuntu

If you want to try out the latest Speed Dreams 2.0 alpha 2 (SVN build as of December 30) in Ubuntu, download and install the following .deb files:

32bit: speed-dreams, speed-dreams-data (both packages required)
64bit: speed-dreams, speed-dreams-data (both packages required)

If you use Ubuntu 10.04, you can add the PPA instead of manually downloading the .deb files - unfortunately there are no packages for Ubuntu 10.10 (I know, very odd).

Important: Once installed, do not run Speed Dreams from the menu as it won't work! Instead, press ALT + F2 and enter:

Remember: Speed Dreams 2.0 is still in alpha so you might find bugs. You can report them HERE.

Windows binaries and source files are available to download @ Sourceforge.

Screenshots and info thanks to Eckhard!