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Gnome Shell screenshot

As requested by many of our readers, here is a video showing the latest GNOME Shell daily build (as of January 24th, 2011). There have been many changes to Gnome Shell since our last video, including the overview relayout (which is default for some time), notification changes, side-by-side tiling as well a functional notification area and many other changes.

Unfortunately the Gnome Shell recorder tool doesn't work well with Nvidia graphics cards so I had to make a lot of smaller videos which I've then used to create a single video (Gnome Shell crashes when recording after around 10 seconds of intense activity). Further more, there was a bug (which was fixed just after I've finished uploading the video on YouTube) which caused the cursor not to show up in the video. Anyway, you get the idea - it's not the best video but it should be enough to get an idea on how Gnome Shell looks like today (fresh GIT build):

Remember: GNOME Shell is still work in progress and a lot of improvements will be made until it's released!

If you want to try out the latest GNOME Shell from GIT in Ubuntu, check out our post: Install Gnome Shell (From GIT) In Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat - the post is constantly updated.