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Gnome Activity Journal

Gnome Activity Journal - a semantic file browser based on Zeitgeist - has been updated to version 0.6.0, adding quite a few new features.

Gnome Activity 0.6.0 comes with Xchat and Bazaar version control support, drag and drop for tree view and bookmark/pin area as well as some eyecandy tweaks like a welcome screen, usability tweaks, path's label is now clickable and more.

Here are all the new features / improvements in GAJ 0.6.0:
  • Added drag and drop support to the three views
  • Added drag and drop support to the bookmark/pin area
  • Improved items preview adding information tooltip
  • Added tooltip for peeking quickly into categories
  • Added preview for Audio items
  • Added appindicator/Tray icon support
  • Added support for Xchat
  • Added support for Bazaar version control system
  • Eye candy tweaks:
    • Added "welcome screen" showed when the Activity Journal starts and loads the items
    • Go to Today button always highlighted
    • Path's label clickable in MoreInformation window
    • Usability tweaks to the views toolbar
    • Item's categories becomes coloured when containing a searched item

Install Gnome Activity Journal 0.6.0 in Ubuntu

As usual, the latest GAJ is available in the Zeitgeist PPA (unfortunately version 0.6.0 is only available for Ubuntu Maverick). Add the PPA and install Gnome Activity Journal using the following commands:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:zeitgeist/ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install gnome-activity-journal