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dupeGuru music edition

dupeGuru Music Edition is an application to find duplicate songs in your music collection by scanning the filenames or tags. It is available for Windows, Mac OSX and Linux.

If the scan results seem wrong, you can tweak it: select Windows > Preferences and you'll find various criteria to base the scan on: enable or disable some tags or use the filenames instead of tags, use regular expressions when filtering, change the filter 'hardness' and more. Each result will display a match percentage so you can easily spot the exact duplicates it finds and evaluate those that do not completely match (however, if you select a maximum 'hardness', only those that match 100% will be displayed).

Once dupeGuru Music Edition finds some duplicates, you can chose what to do: remove the file, remove and make hardlinks, move the files and so on. This can be done either for each file manually or for all at once (don't worry, the first result won't be removed so you'll still have one copy of each file in your music collection).

dupeGuru Music Edition is part of a larger suite that helps you remove duplicates. Other applicaions from this suite include: dupeGuru (for any kind of files) and dupeGuru PE (for pictures). You can find them all in the dupeGuru Music Edition website sidebar.

Download dupeGuru Music Edition for Windows, Mac OSX and Ubuntu (.deb files included).