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The Ultimate Bashrc is a custom .bashrc file that comes with tons of aliases, functions and bash settings, all in one file. Here are a few examples: various bash prompts, sudo for entire line, apt history, various conversion functions like temperature, currency (based on Google) and so on, rip audio from video, bookmarks directories, copy/paste for the command line, convert any video to avi, cp with progress bar, translate a word using Google, Deb Extraction / Remaker (extracts a deb file & organizes for easy deb manipulation and repacking using "debremaker"), a "del" alias that moves the files to trash instead of removing them completely, a "site down for everyone or is it just me" function, various computer info and many more.

While you probably won't need everything in this custom bashrc file, I'm sure you'll find some very useful functions that you can use so go ahead and take a look - everything is very well organized and documented so it should be pretty easy to figure what everything does and what's required to get it to work.

Thanks to inameiname for the tip!