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Developers from Fedora, Ubuntu, Debian, Suse, and Mageia attended to a conference last week in which they've tried to find a way to make "installing and removing software on Linux suck less."

I've kept wondering why all distributions duplicate so much work. Sometimes, there is a good reason, like a radically different technical approach. But sometimes, it looks like we're going different ways just for the sake of doing something ourselves. We should fix this. Cross-distro collaboration is not the way we usually do things, and I believe we're wrong most of the time. Cross-distro collaboration is a cultural shift for us. But it's very well needed.

- Vincent Untz

 It seems an unified way to install software is in the works which will use Ubuntu Software Center as a front-end. Richard Hughes says Ubuntu Software Center will be ported to PackageKit very soon (in the next couple of weeks) and describes how it will work his blog (so check out that link for more info).

Here is a video presenting the summary of Cross-Distro Application Installer meeting:

Oh, and here's something quite interesting from the specs:

Will add several new optional fields to desktop file specification upstream for the proper solution, more details to come soon. This will allows us to search for photoshop and return gimp in the search results.

Thanks to Zsolt Sándor for the tip!