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Bodhi Linux is a fast, minimalistic Enlightenment (E17) Linux distribution based on Ubuntu. Bodhi 0.1.4 beta was released yesterday bringing two different themes (light and dark) and four different custom Enlightenment configurations to choose from:

The most important change in this release is how the default theme for Bodhi is now handled. After listening to the complaints of people more than a few times, I realized I needed to do with Bodhi's theme what we had done for applications - let the user make their own choice.

- Jeff Hoogland, Bodhi Linux developer

When you first boot Bodhi, a configuration window will be displayed where you can select your language as well as the theme color and layout:

Bodhi Linux

Here are the two new themes with different layouts:

Bodhi fancy light
(Fancy Light)

Bodhi laptop dark
(Laptop Dark)

Bodhi laptop light
(Laptop Light)

BOdhi linux desktop dark
(Desktop Dark)

Other changes in Bodhi Linux 0.1.4 beta

Bodhi 0.1.4 changelog:
  • Added acpi-support package so suspend function now works
  • Added itask-ng and calendar modules to base system
  • Added broadcom firmware to core system
  • Updated network manager to 0.8.1
  • Updated Firefox to 4.0 beta8
  • Update lxterminal to 0.1.9
  • Updated E Packages
  • Changed plymouth back to black theme
  • Created 4 E profiles, each in two colors, to choose from
  • Added user selection of E profile at first system startup
  • Added symlink so flashplugin-installer works with FF 4.0 beta

Online Software Center

Bodhi Linux online software center

But that's not all: in our initial Bodhi Linux post we were telling you that Bohdi will gen an online software center that will use apturl so its users can easily install applications. Well, the Bodhi online software center is live for some time and besides being able to install applications using apturl, it also features offline installers. The online software center can be found at http://software.bodhilinux.com/

To install an application using a Bodhi (.bod) offline installer, simply download it from the Bodhi online software center, copy it to the computer with no (or limited) Internet connectivity, make it executable and double click it:

Bodhi offline installer

Download Bodhi Linux

For more info on this release, check out Jeff's post | Thanks to Jeff for the tip!