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YaRock is a new Qt4 music player designed to provide a nice overview of your music by allowing you to browse your music collection based on the album cover art. We love YaRock here at WebUpd8, especially for it's simplicity and the nice cover art overview it provides, as well as the ability to fetch albums cover art from Last.fm.

YaRock 0.0.41 was released a few days ago, bringing lots of new features / changes:
  • New ToolBar with Prev/Next browsing, read only BreadCrumb
  • Change (MAJOR) music collection redesign (less memory usage, better performance)
  • New ShoutCast / IceCast radio browser
  • New favorite radio item (stored into xspf file)
  • New add support for remote playlist to be played diectly from radio browser
  • New Menu with tree structure and radio file
  • New add radio setting for adding/removing specific radio file
  • Change core graphic painting method improvement
  • Change core thread management improvement
  • New internal Database v8 (internal & user playlist file)
  • New remote Url and remote playlist support
  • New use of QtSingle application module
  • New playlist detail view (with up/down and search fonction)
  • Changes playlist populator (for remote playlist support)
  • New Translation support + translations French, Czech, Spanish

Roberto @ LFFL usually maintains YaRock packages in his PPAs, however the latest YaRock 0.0.41 hasn't been uploaded yet (even though it was released about 4 days ago), so I've used his packaging to build the latest 0.0.41 for Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat.

Download YaRock 0.0.41 (for Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat only!):

YaRock 0.0.41 comes with integrated icecast radio stations but if you want more (including ShoutCast), you can download them via its Qt-Look page. To add them, go to Collection > Collection Settings, on the Radio tab select "Add" and then in the file selection dialog select "All files" instead of just "Radio files" from the drop-down (so you can add shoutcast too) add the radio / shoutcast files you've downloaded.