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WebUpd8 reader Jorge Guerrero sent us an email with a link to a PDF (which was posted by Vincent Moulin @ Ayatana mailing list) that has some very interesting Unity applications view mockups:

Unity applications view mockups

Unity applications view mockups

Unity applications view mockups

In case you don't know, the applications view is triggered when clicking the Ubuntu logo in the top left corner and it currently (in Ubuntu 10.10; it hasn't been implemented yet in the new Unity in Ubuntu 11.04) looks like this:

Unity applications view

These are not official mockups so they may or may not be implemented in Unity, but one thing is sure: the old Unity applications view definitely needs some work!

What do you think?

Download the PDF (includes the screenshots in this post as well as some extra info).

Thanks to Jorge Guerrero for the link to the PDF. Credits for the mockups: Vincent Moulin