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Synapse 0.2.2

Synapse, the new awesome looking quick-launcher for Linux reached version 0.2.2 today, getting some of the features many of you have requested:
  • Most importantly, Synapse got a relevancy service - the applications you use the most will be on top of the search results (Zeitgeist is used for this).
  • Support for basic transliteration when searching for applications - therefore you shouldn't need to type accents (if your language has them)
  • 3 new plugins: Open Search (search the web - it currently supports Google search and Google Maps), Locate (find files on your filesystem) and Gnome Screensaver (this was already available in the version in the PPA for some time).

Synapse google search
(Synapse 0.2.2 - Google Search plugin)

Other minor changes include: Shift+Enter executes the action without closing Synapse, custom gtkrc file (so now Synapse can be themed) and a notification area icon / appindicator which can be disabled (this was also already available in the PPA for some time).

Synapse plugins
(New plugins in Synapse 0.2.2)

Install Synapse 0.2.2 in Ubuntu

Add the Synapse PPA and install Synapse in Ubuntu using the following commands:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:synapse-core/ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install synapse
If you've previously installed Synapse and you're only upgrading to the latest 0.2.2, restart Synapse to be able to use the new features.

Please note that the Maverick version says "0.2.1", that's an error in the version number, it's actually 0.2.2.

Remember, Synapse depends on the Zeitgeist dataproviders you use to display the results, so see our initial post for info on installing more Zeitgeist dataproviders and as well as THIS post for a Chrome plugin.

Dark synapse
(Dark Synapse theme using a light GTK theme)

If you're using a light theme and want to try Synapse using dark colors, download THIS file and copy it to your ~/.config/synapse folder, then restart Synapse.

For other Linux distributions downloads, bugs, suggestions and so on, visit Synapse @ Launchpad.

Info via mhr3