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Select-o-magic 3000

Select-o-Magic 3000 is a simple application that allows you to create a playlist from your music library based on the tags you select, such as genre, artist, year, album, mood or BPM. It supports mp3s, ogg and flac audio files.

The application is very easy to use: simply select "Scan Audio Files", select the folder where you keep your music and then you'll be able to select the criteria for the music that will be added to your playlist. You can configure the audio file type to be scanned, media player as well as the criteria to be used - you can find these under "Configure".

When you're ready, click "Make Playlist" - this will allow you to either save the playlist or directly send the playlist to your preferred music player (which you've previously configured in the Select-o-Magic 300 settings).

Note: your music needs to be tagged correctly for Select-o-Magic 3000 to work properly.

Download Select-o-Magic 3000 (to use it, extract the downloaded archive and double click the "som3000" file).

Thanks to LightningRose for the tip!