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Orta theme 1.0

Orta 1.0

The well known Orta theme reached version 1.0 today, the update brining new Metacity decorations with bigger buttons, new Emerald and Xfwm themes, two new tab styles, Pcmanfm and Gnome Terminal theming as well as many fixes for Foobnix, Guake, Banshee, Rhythmbox, Exaile, GMPC, Global Menu, Geany and others (a complete changelog is available @ DeviantArt).

Orta Emerald
(Orta Emerald - the buttons look the in the new Metacity)

Orta 1.0 new tab styles
("Smooth dark" - one of the two new tab styles in Orta 1.0)

Orta 1.0 - Guake
(Guake skinned to match the current panel settings)

To install the latest Orta 1.0, download it from DeviantArt, extract the .zip and you should find a new archive called "extractme" - extract this too and then double click the "OrtaSettingsManager.py" file. If you have an older Orta theme version installed, firstly click the "Uninstall" button, then click "Install". Once the theme has been successfully installed, you can tweak it further using OrtaSettingsManager.py (modify the tabs, scrollbars and so on) - remember to click the "Save" button when you're done and then re-apply the theme from the Appearance dialog.

As usual, inside the downloaded archive you'll also find some goodies like 2 Emerald themes, 2 AWN themes, a Chrome theme and 5 different Chrome scrollbars.

Download Orta 1.0

Thanks to Nick (SkiesOfAzel) for the tip and the first 2 screenshots in the post!