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Gedit Gmate

If you though Gedit is great, wait till you try GMate!

GMate is a collection of plugins, themes/styles and other improvements to get TextMate-like features in Gedit.

Plugins inluded in the GMate package:
  • Advanced Bookmarks. Highlight, remenber and toggle bookmarks in your files.
  • Classbrowser. A Classbrowser (depends of ctags, I use exuberant-ctags).
  • Fuzzy Open. Quick way to open file in project.
  • Gedit Open File. Regex based file open (like textmate Go to file...)
  • Find in Project. Search in the project with ack/grep.
  • Gedit Todo. Find Todo Marks in source files (integrated with filebrowser).
  • Gemini. Pair complete for quotes and braces.
  • Quickhighligthmode. Fast change current highlight mode.
  • Rails Extract Partial. Extract selected region of rhtml as a partial.
  • Rails Hotcommands. Execute Rails Commands (such rake tasks).
  • Rails Hotkeys. Navigation in Rails Project Files.
  • Regex Search Replace. Search and replace with regular expressions.
  • Smart Indent. Smart Indentation regex based.
  • Tabulation. Auto set tabs and spaces based on file type.
  • Text Tools. Some text manipulation improvements (adapted from line tools).
  • TextMate Style Autocompletion. Better autocompletion. Tap Esc to cycle through the available completions.
  • Trailsave. Remove trailing spaces before save a document.
  • Word Completion. Word completion plugin.
  • Multi Edit. Check it out at author's page
  • Pastie. Paste a selection of code or a source file to pastie.org directly from editor
  • Zen Coding. Tools for faster HTML/CSS coding
  • Encoding. Reopen the document in a different encoding
  • File Search. This is a search plugin for Gedit to search for a text inside a directory.

Besides these plugins, GMate also comes with language improvements and mime types and around 100 themes, of which most have been converted from TextMate.

To install GMate in Ubuntu, use the following commands:
sudo apt-add-repository ppa:ubuntu-on-rails/ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install gedit-gmate

This package will not replace Gedit! It will only add some themes and plugins you can enable/disable from the Gedit preferences.

For more info and other Linux distributions installation instructions, see https://github.com/gmate/gmate#readme