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Dropbox 1.0 Ubuntu

Dropbox 1.0 (actually 1.0.10) has finally been released! The new stable version finally brings selective sync, Ubuntu appindicator, huge performance enhancements and hundreds of bugs fixed. These features were already present in the Dropbox experimental builds for quite some time but only now they've "graduated" into the stable Dropbox 1.0 version.

Performance enhancements - The client-side sync engine has been re-architected to optimize the response time and resource consumption. Dropbox 1.0 reduces the memory usage by 50%.

Selective Sync - you can now choose which folders to sync:

If you have a netbook or a computer with a tiny hard drive, syncing your entire Dropbox isn’t always a great idea. You also might not want certain files on your home computer to pop up on your work computer. Selective Sync solves these problems! You now can choose which folders get downloaded to which computers. This saves you time so you don’t have to sync stuff you don’t need.

Dropbox appindicator

Ubuntu AppIndicator - the Ubuntu version of Dropbox now comes with an AppIndicator which makes it consistent with the whole Ubuntu look. Further more, Dropbox now supports custom AppIndicator icons.

Upgrade to Dropbox 1.0 stable in Linux

To upgrade to the latest stable Dropbox in Ubuntu (and other Linux distributions), firstly close Dropbox, then run the following command:
mv ~/.dropbox-dist ~/.dropbox-dist.OLD
The above command will move the old Dropbox installation folder to ~/.dropbox-dist.OLD as a backup.

Then, simply run Dropbox from Applications > Internet > Dropbox - doing so, the latest stable Dropbox version will be automatically downloaded and installed (and your old settings won't be removed):


Thanks to Nicolas for the tip!