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MultiCD is a shell script designed to build a multiboot ISO containing multiple Linux distributions and/or utilities, which you can then burn on a DVD or use it to create a live USB memory stick. As an example, you can use it to create DVD ISO with Gparted, Clonezilla, Ubuntu and Kubuntu. There are a lot of supported live CDs - a complete list if available @ MultiCD website.

MultiCD 6.2 was released a couple of days ago with support for archiso-live, AVG, 64-bit fedora and opensuse network installers. Further more, MultiCD now supports all Ubuntu versions.

How to use MultiCD

MultiCD - how to use

Important: the ISO files (or symbolic links) must be named as described on the MultiCD website. It's easier for Ubuntu - starting with version 6.2 - you don't have to change the ISO name if you've downloaded it from the Ubuntu website. Alternatively you can name any Ubuntu ISO to *.ubuntu.iso (* = anything).

1. Create a folder which you will then use to add the ISO files and MultiCD script.
2. In the folder created at step 1, download the MultiCD script archive and extract it.
3. Copy or create a symbolic link to the ISOs you want to use in your multiboot ISO, to the folder created on step 1. Remember to name the files as described on the MultiCD website (as noted above). Also, make sure the actual MultiCD script files are in the same folder as the ISO files, or else MultiCD will not detect them!
4. Open a terminal, navigate to the folder you've created on step 1 (cd /path/to/your/folder) and run the following commands:
chmod +x multicd.sh
sudo ./multicd.sh

At this point, MultiCD will detect the images present in the folder it's ran from and will make an ISO for you which you can then use to burn a CD / DVD.

Please note that in my test, there was an error when running MultiCD to build an ISO with Pinguy OS, Ubuntu 10.10 and openSuse, however the Live DVD worked just fine (I've posted a comment about this on its thread at Ubuntuforums so hopefully it will be fixed soon).

Download MultiCD | For feedback, bugs and so on, visit the MultiCD Ubuntuforums thread.