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Colors GTK Theme

'Colors' is an amazing - dare I say the best (or at least in top 3) - dark GNOME theme. I've found out about it from Nick, the Orta theme author who posted a link to 'Colors' in a comment on our last Orta post and even though I was a bit skeptic as I don't like dark themes, after trying it out I must say I am truly impressed. Sure, it's a matter of taste so you may not like it, but give it a try anyway because you can't really get the real "feeling" by just looking at the screenshots.

The screenshot in the beginning of the post is from my desktop, but here's the official Colors screenshot too, so you'll get a better idea on how various elements look:

Colors gtk theme

Colors GNOME theme comes with GTK, Metacity Emerald and Xfwm themes with 12 different colors. Its author recommends the JEY!style Gnome icons, however I would recommend F-Dark combined with Faenza Dark Icons (edited). But you can of course use whatever icons you want.

Download 'Colors'