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Chrome OS

Google held a conference today in which they've demoed Chrome OS which is said to be extremely speedy, have ultra-fast setup, built-in Verizon connectivity, multiple users support, easy security and application updates as well as Citrix Receiver applications (Citrix Receiver allows businesses to deploy desktop applications, such as Microsoft Excel).

But that's not all! Google also announced that Acer and Samsung will launch Chrome OS netbooks in mid 2011, with other manufacturers to closely follow. Further more, Google launched the Chrome OS Pilot Program in which a Chrome OS netbook ("CR-48") will be used for testing. A limited number of these CR-48 netbooks are available right away - you can apply for one already by either submitting a video on YouTube or by filling out THIS form.

Info thanks to Lifehacker. For a lot more info on Google's announcement today on Chrome OS, see the post on Lifehacker.