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Linux Mint 10 Julia screenshot

Linux Mint 10 "Julia" has been released today. "Julia" is based on Ubuntu 10.10 and among the significant changes in this version, are:

New version of the Mint Menu (available in the MintMenu WebUpd8 PPA for Ubuntu users) that highlights newly installed applications, finds and installs software from the repositories, includes search engines, now supports GTK themes and more.

The Update Manager comes with an ignore feature which allows you to ignore future updates of that package. 

Linux Mint 10 Mint-x theme

New artwork: Linux Mint 10 comes with a new default GTK theme called Mint-X and Mint-X icons based on Elementary and Faenza. If you want to use these in Ubuntu, download them below:

And many other changes you can read about @ Linux Mint blog (since on each release they make a post with a complete list of changes (including screenshots), there's nothing much I could add).

Download Linux Mint 10 "Julia"

Screenshots via Linux Mint website