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Gnome Shell overview relayout branch

These screenshots are from a Gnome Shell branch called "overview-relayout" and this is not the way Gnome Shell currently looks (the original Gnome Shell still looks like in this post: Install Gnome Shell (From GIT) In Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat).

Some recent updates in the overview-relayout Gnome Shell branch brought a few very interesting changes:
  • the large black boxes around the currently selected view are gone
  • the controls to add/remove workspaces have been moved to the screen edge
  • and slide out on hover and during drags
  • animation when entering or leaving the overview has been modified to only zoom the window previews
  • it is now possible to add / reorder / remove favorites from the dash using (see the 2 screenshots below)
Add favourite
Remove favourite
Add favourite
Remove favourite

For comparison, this is how the Gnome shell overview-relayout branch used to look a while back:

Gnome Shell overview relayout

The changes are not major, but it looks like the overview-relayout is maturing so we might see this branch merged into the master Gnome Shell branch soon:

[...] the review process has now started and hopefully the work will appear on master soon.

- Florian Müllner, the Gnome Shell overview-relayout branch developer

Note: do not confuse Gnome Shell with Unity. They look very much alike, but they are 2 different things.

And speaking of Gnome Shell, I've updated the Install Gnome Shell (From GIT) In Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat post so you should easily be able to run the latest Gnome Shell in Ubuntu. That post also includes a link for bulding the overview-relayout (for which you've seen the screenshots in this post).

Info and screenshots via Florian Müllner.