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Divergence IV: A New Hope

The beautiful Divergence IV: A New Hope theme (which we've previously covered HERE) got a big update today. The theme now comes with a script that allows you to choose from 3 Nautilus styles, 3 panel styles and 4 menu styles.

The script only tweaks the styles mentioned above and installs the Metacity theme, however the package comes with many other goodies: 5 amazing Emerald themes, an AWN Lucido theme and even a CoverGloobus theme.

Here are the exact styles that the install script can tweak:

How to install Divergence IV: A New Hope v0.7.7+

Once downloaded (download link at the end of the post), extract the .zip file and double click the "install.sh" file and select "Run". When you finish selecting the style for Nautilus, the panel, menus and so on, you will find the theme listed under the Appearance Preferences dialog (System > Preferences > Appearance).

For installing the latest Murrine engine and using the Emerald themes, see our previous post on Divergence IV: A New Hope.

Jurialmunkey, the Divergence IV: A New Hope author recommends installing Nautilus Elementary and Faenza Dark edited or AwOken icon themes.

Download Divergence IV: A New Hope 0.7.7

Image credits: Jurialmunkey