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We didn't have a poll in a long time because well..., we already had a poll about almost every type of application and for the rest, there are too many choices. This is why, today we're going to do it a bit differently. Read on!

This post is not an actual poll, but only for nominating the best Twitter client for Linux. So, what's the best Linux Twitter client? What you must do is simply write a comment on this post stating your vote. Example: "vote Pino".  You can of course discuss on the subject too, but firstly make sure you enter your vote.

The 5 most nominated applications will then be included in a poll next week. Please only nominate one Twitter application!

We're using nominations because there are a lot of Linux Twitter clients and I don't know which are the most popular 5 to use in a poll. Also, if we'd only vote using the comment system, the votes wouldn't be very accurate since a lot of people don't like to comment and just want to click the "vote" button. So, to have more accurate results, the actual poll will run in a week after todays' nominations and will include the top 5 most nominated Linux Twitter clients.