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2ClickUpdate is a front-end for system updates that checks for and installs updates, removes unnecessary files and cleans up after installing the updates. It works on any Debian/Ubuntu based Linux distribution.

2ClickUpdate is a shell script with a GUI provided by Zenity that uses axel (similar to apt-fast) for handling the downloads (so the downloads are a lot faster then regular updates) and NotifyOSD notifications.

2ClickUpdate automatically performs the following actions:
  • Refreshes your package list.
  • Installs the latest updates for your applications and system libraries.
  • Removes packages that were automatically installed to satisfy dependencies for some packages that are no more needed.
  • Removes packages and configuration files which are not required by any other software upon your system.
  • Removes all stored archives in your cache for packages that are no longer in the repositories or that have a newer version in the repositories.
  • Deletes from cache the downloaded packages to free up some space.

All with just 2 clicks (thus the name).

2ClickUpdate is available in 20 languages and the latest version (6.0) finally works with Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat. Other new features in 2ClickUpdate 6.0 include:

  • RamCleanApt, which optimizes RAM memory freeing up some MB's.
  • Redesigned User interface in 2Click Update
  • 2cuCORE (a command line version of 2ClickUpdate) edition is also available in .deb packages for easy installs/uninstalls
  • SmartApt module for installing/upgrading is now based on Update Manager

Here is a video demoing the latest 2ClickUpdate recorded by its developer, Salih EMIN:

Download 2ClickUpdate 6.0 (GUI ) - available as a .deb | Once installed, launch it via the Applications > System Tools > 2ClickUpdate menu item.

Thanks to Salih EMIN for the news and video!