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If you thought Compiz was left in the dark once Gnome Shell comes out, think again. A post on the blog of one of the Compiz developers states that Unity will use Compiz instead of Mutter as the default window manager:

Most notably this was done for performance reasons, but also because a number of the new interfaces provided in compiz 0.9x allow for some great new stuff to happen with Unity.

And that means a whole lot for the Ubuntu users now when Unity has been announced as being default for Ubuntu 11.04 desktop (and not just for the netbook edition) - they will get to keep the Compiz effects and all the bling (but also usefulness) which attracts so many users to Linux.

This also means that the Compiz development will now be much faster and it will get a lot more attention then before (or at least more then in the last few months).

If you're worried your graphics card doesn't support Compiz, you should know that Compiz 0.9.x no longer requires Opengl or compositing to run. So basically it's not Compiz that will need to support your hardware, but Unity.

Thanks to vs8 for the tip!