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Ubucompilator 1.0 beta

Ubucompilator is a tool to easily create Ubuntu / Debian .deb packages. It's basically a GUI for all the commands required to make a .deb - to understand exactly what it does, take a look at this video (it's not the latest version, but you'll get an idea on what Ubucompilator does):

Ubucompilator 1.0 beta was released recently, featuring a new syle, a new unziptool, checkinstall mode and bug fixes.

In case you don't know, Checkinstall is a tool to create a .deb package without having a 'debian' folder so it can be used for any application you try to compile, instead of the "sudo make install" command. Using checkinstall instead of "sudo make install" has one big advantage: you can easily remove the package just like any other .deb (as well as being able to easily updated it).

Install Ubucompilator 1.0 beta in Ubuntu

Before downloading Ubucompilator, firstly install the following packages:
sudo apt-get install build-essential devscripts dh-make checkinstall

Then simply download Ubucompilator (includes .deb file) and install it. You'll find it under Applications > Other > Ubucompilator.

Thanks to Gusions for the tip!