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tabcloud chrome extension

Chrome/ium sync has evolved a lot and the latest dev builds allow you to synchronize almost everything between multiple computers - except tabs.

So what to do? Well, until Chrome will include a feature to sync tabs across multiple computers (such a feature is coming), you can use an extension called TabCloud.

TabCloud allows you to save sessions (it uses your Google account just like the native Chrome sync) and restore them later on another computer. This isn't done automatically so you'll have to manually save / restore a session. Even though I find this a bit inconvenient, others might actually like it, because:
  • you get to choose what sessions to sync so your privacy is covered
  • you can use it even if you don't want to sync your tabs across multiple computers - for instance to save groups of tabs and easily restore them later on.

Another thing I don't exactly like about TabCloud is that it doesn't support pinned tabs so you'll have to manually re-pin the tabs once you restore a session. However (excluding Xmarks), until Chrome will integrate this feature by default, TabCloud is probably the best way to sync tabs across multiple computers.

Using TabCloud

To use TabCloud, click the button in your toolbar, then click the save icon and your session will be stored in the cloud. Then, on the computer where you want to restore the session (it can be both the same computer or another computer on which you've previously installed TabCloud and linked it to your Google account), simply click the "+" sign to restore a session.

Depending on your settings (this can be changed from the TabCloud options), your session will be restored in the same window (but the already open tabs will not be closed) or a new window.

Besides being able to fully restore sessions, TabCloud can also selectively restore only a tab: simply middle click a tab in a TabCloud saved session to only open that tab.

Install TabCloud Chrome/ium extension