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WebUdp8 reader bhm brought Fliqlo, a very popular screensaver for Windows and OSX to Linux. Fliqlo allows you to make your screen look like a flip-style clock.

What doesn't work: Noflipqlo currently doesn't work with Gnome Screensaver so you'll have to use Xscreensaver. Also, the "flip" effect doesn't work (hence the name - Noflipqlo).

To install Fliqlo in Linux (called "Noflipqlo"), use the following commands (note: the commands below will disable the Gnome Screensaver):

sudo apt-get install bzr build-essential
cd && bzr get lp:~b0h3m4/+junk/noflipqlo
cd noflipqlo
sudo make install
./force_gnome-screensaver_off.sh #disable the Gnome Screensaver

Then run xscreensaver using the following command:

For me, Flipqlo (noflipqlo) doesn't show up under the available screensavers so I had to manually add it by editing the ~/.xscreensaver file:
gedit ~/.xscreensaver

And under "programs:" (where all the screensavers are listed), add this line:
    noflipqlo -root        \n\
Then Noflipqlo should be displayed in Xscreensaver (xscreensaver-demo):


If the screensaver is not centered, in xscreensaver GUI (run "xscreensaver-demo" again) go to the "Display modes" tab, click on "Settings" then on the "Advanced" button and select "Best" (this worked for me) or some other option under "Visual".

The instructions may seem hard but they aren't. Anyway, if you find this to be too difficult, wait for the PPA as bhm said he'll be packaging this.

Revert the changes

To use the Gnome Screensaver again (instead of xscreensaver), run the following commands:
gconftool-2 --type boolean -s /apps/gnome_settings_daemon/screensaver/start_screensaver true
sudo chmod +x /usr/bin/gnome-screensaver #just in case


1) Anyone who knows what actual font (or any very similar) is being used in original screensaver (seen on first shot; or just google fliqlo), please comment! Right now it uses Droid Bold.

2) If you find bugs, please report.

Thanks to bhm for Noflipqlo and the tip! Credits for the first image in the post: unplggd.com