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Today is the last UDS-N day and a session about the default application selection in the upcoming Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal is ongoing. Here's what has been discussed:

- LibreOffice will likely be included in next version of Ubuntu if it's ready

- Firefox 4 is still favored over Chrome as the default browser in Ubuntu. Chrome still poses too many challenges for Ubuntu (the release cycle doesn't fit well with Ubuntu Update model and also there are issues with the Global Menu integrations and so on).

- The decision to replace Evolution with Thunderbird in Ubuntu has been deferred. Hopefully Thunderbird will be ready in a cycle or two (it misses a calendar, exchange support, integration with appmenu and messaging menu).

- Banshee might be included by default in Ubuntu 11.04 (and thus replace Rhythmbox) if it can be slimmed down to fit on the CD

- Oneconf will be included by default in Ubuntu 11.04. OneConf is a mechanism for recording software information in Ubuntu One, and synchronizing with other computers as needed.

- Gnome-dictionary will be removed from the CD

- Nautilus Elementary was also brought up for discussion, but was rejected "because the patches are considered hacks".

So, what do you think?

quotes via #uds and Gobby notes thanks to @moremormota