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NE Terminal Config

A tool to configure the Nautilus Elementary (NE-Terminal-Config) terminal was released last week but it was only working with Nautilus Elementary from BZR. But the Nautilus Elementary PPA has been updated today now only works with NE-Terminal-Config, but it also integrates it with Nautilus Elementary: to configure the terminal, simply right click it and select the configuration option.

NE-Terminal-Config is now a Nautilus Elementary dependency so it will be installed automatically when you upgrade to the latest Nautilus Elementary.

This update also brings copy/paste functionallity (via right click) for the Nautilus Elementary embedded terminal and something a lot of people I'm sure will love: now the "show in folder" option (when for instance you download something and select this) should now work (bugzilla Bug 131259). This is an option that was missing under Gnome: opening a directory from some application and Nautilus automatically selecting a file. However, I didn't test this feature as I wasn't aware of it yesterday when I tried the latest Nautilus Elementary from BZR (and now I'm using a computer running Ubuntu 10.04). I just got home and tried this "Show in folder" feature and it doesn't work with Chrome, however I did not tested it with other applications. Update: that seems to be related to Chromium (and all the other browsers): they use xdg-open and do not actually specify the file but just the folder. It should work with some applications though, like launching Nautilus from a terminal with an exact file path (open a terminal and enter: nautilus /path/to/some/file).

Other bug fixes in the latest Nautilus Elementary from the PPA:
  • zeitgeist search engine debug + adding cancellable on log_find_events loopfix zeitgeist search engine producing 0 results on 32bits archis - Bug #644652
  • fix in case we share the same UI xml file from stock nautilus
  • middle click to close tabs
  • add Select All in background menu + remove Zoom In/Out
  • use cd not PWD - fix Bug #657516
  • add back ~ home directory support for location bar - Bug #630512
  • removing most of debug messages and GtkWarnings

To upgrade to the latest Nautilus Elementary (warning: use "dist-upgrade", not "upgrade"!), use the following commands (Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat only!)
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:am-monkeyd/nautilus-elementary-ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get dist-upgrade
nautilus -q

The "dist-upgrade" command is required because Nautilus Elementary now has some extra dependencies compared to the regular Nautilus: Xterm, Zeitgeist (for the search), NE Terminal Config and so on.

For more info, see ammonkey's blog.